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Gerber Technology

For half a century, Gerber Technology has been helping companies around the world develop, manufacture and take their products to market smarter, faster and more efficiently. Today, the company provides integrated software and hardware solutions to customers in the aerospace, construction, furniture, fashion & apparel, transportation, technical textiles, packaging, wind energy and sign & graphics industries, including over 100 Fortune 500 companies in 134 countries. Drawing on a rich history of innovation, Gerber Technology’s leading-edge systems help customers reach their optimum by maximizing productivity and minimizing errors and waste. Check out some of Gerber Technology's most recent initiatives:

Personal Protective Equipment
Gerber Technology has been working with manufacturers to ensure effective, quality PPE is getting to the market at the right time. Through their PPE Task Force, Gerber has helped thousands of companies produce PPE for medical and consumer use by providing them with the knowledge, resources and technology necessary to make the transition to PPE production as smooth as possible. In addition, Gerber is helping to connect their global network of manufacturers and suppliers through the “PPE Manufacturing Matchmaking Program” to make collaboration simple.

Fashion & Apparel

Clothing manufacturers and fashion designers who want to be competitive in the apparel industry know that Gerber’s software and hardware solutions are the must-have accessories for global brands. Since we first automated the fashion and apparel industry over 50 years ago, Gerber has continuously revolutionized digitally connected solutions to maximize production quality and help customers get to market faster, smarter and better than ever.

Today’s consumers don’t buy furniture the same way the generations before them did, requiring manufacturers to digitally transform their supply chains. From customized to small batch to mass production, Gerber’s fully integrated, end-to-end solution provides manufacturers with the agility, flexibility and transparency they need to successfully conquer consumer demands and market challenges.

The automotive industry moves quickly. Gerber Technology's innovative software and hardware solutions give you complete control over your OEM or Tiered Supplier operation - with the flexibility to adapt to changes quickly. Rely on our technology to boost efficiencies, maximize material utilization and generate a precisely-made product.

Composites and Technical Textiles

Get it right the first time with a complete end-to-end portfolio of industry-leading software and hardware solutions for every step of the manufacturing process for composite parts and technical textiles. Gerber’s integrated solution is driven by IoT to ensure accuracy, optimize productivity, maximize material utilization and minimize labor requirements.

Sign & Graphics

Gerber Technology offers integrated digital design, print, and automation systems for sign shops and graphics professionals. These comprehensive solutions for durable vinyl cutting, digital color printing, and dimensional signage are also supported by our quality, state-of-the-art aftermarket materials to maximize equipment performance and output.

Watch your productivity take off with automated solutions for aerospace and composites. Speed your products to market with Gerber Technology. We offer a complete portfolio of automation solutions for every step in the manufacture of composite parts to ensure accuracy, optimize productivity, maximize material utilization and minimize labor requirements.

In today’s competitive global marketplace, packaging manufacturers demand enterprise automation solutions that are both flexible and scalable. Gerber Technology’s state-of-the-art hardware and software solutions are the total package. They will help you increase productivity and efficiency, while reducing production costs, downtime and waste.