2020 Virtual Executive Conference Sponsors


Tukatech was founded in 1995 by garment-industry veteran Ram Sareen. With 25 years of industry expertise, Tukatech is an influential fashion technology company known worldwide for innovative solutions and superior technical support. They are the industry’s leading provider of fashion software and machinery for product development, cloud collaboration, and garment manufacturing. Check out some of Tukatech's key software offerings:

TUKAcad | Digital Pattern Making, Grading, and Marker Making Software
Available on subscription! Fashion CAD pattern making software with advanced functionality and process engineering to empower accurate pattern building, bespoke grade rules, and marker nesting for every style conceived. Includes audio/video help for every tool.

TUKA APM | Automatic Pattern Making Software
Available on subscription! TUKA APM is the industry’s first fully automatic pattern making and grading software as a module within TUKAcad. With TUKA APM, a person of any skill level can complete a graded pattern in seconds. Generate a 2D CAD pattern from measurements as easily as filling out a spec sheet, including grade rules and ready to push to TUKAmark to create a costing marker.

SMARTmark | Automatic Marker Making and Fabric Planning Software
Beat the human brain every time. Boost fabric utilization efficiency with SMARTmark, an add-on algorithm module to TUKAmark that beats the human brain every time. The most powerful automated nesting system in the apparel industry, this yield-optimizing solution creates tight markers that reduce material waste. Coupled with the TUKAcutplan material requirement planning system, data-driven decision-making is only a click away!

TUKA3D | 3D Fitting Software
Create stunning presentations to showcase 3D fit life-like digital collections, eliminating the need for physical samples. Host fit sessions on customized virtual avatars that perform real-time motion simulations, ensuring that the garment fits right the first time.

TUKAcloud | Online Digital Sample Room
This apparel software is an online digital sample room designed for TUKA3D sample data management. TUKAcloud facilitates virtual fashion design collaboration between creatives and creators by visually connecting the product development process under one digital roof. Included with the purchase of TUKA3D.

TUKA3D Designer Edition | Visualizer Software
Available on subscription! Forget the surprise of seeing that your print design is the wrong scale after you’ve already got the fabric printed. In TUKA3D Designer Edition you can build new styles from virtual assets. This 3D design software lets you assess print repeats and placements in true scale on a real garment body. Play with color to your heart’s content!

TUKAcut | Automatic fabric cutting machine
Accelerate sewn-goods manufacturing with eco-friendly and agile automatic fabric cutting machines. Precisely cut an expansive variety of materials up to 8 cm compressed with a vacuum seal, including knits, wovens, and industrial fabrics. Input marker cut data via USB or through the CAD system network for added flexibility.

TUKAspread | Automatic fabric spreading machine
Eliminate material relaxation time with an automatic fabric spreading machine. Calibrated for uniform alignment and equipped with a built-in tension control system, TUKAspread relaxes fabrics as they are laid. With only one operator, fabric is prepared swiftly and accurately for cutting.

TUKA INA | Sewing unit production system
The TUKA INA Unit Production System is an intelligent material handling system that is designed to allow your professional sewing operators to focus on the task of sewing. The system works to eliminate the unnecessary expectations of bundle handling, ticket handling and recording, and reserve precious time for your skilled work force to work easier and accomplish more.

TUKAjet | High-speed inkjet plotter
Clean, simple design and a low noise factor make the TUKAjet fashion pattern plotter ideal for any design room. With no operator required, plot patterns and markers 24 hours, nonstop. TUKAjet is a perfect companion to TUKAcad. Patterns and markers created in TUKAcad can be plotted out for small or large production runs.