Advancements in Manufacturing Technologies

SPESA’s Advancements in Manufacturing Technologies Conference is a unique opportunity to not only learn about new ideas, solutions, and technology available for the sewn products industry, but to also ask all the questions you’ve ever wanted answered from the people who create the solutions and products you need.

This annual conference features SPESA members who are happy to discuss the products they make as well as the challenges they still want to tackle to improve efficiency, speed, and accuracy in sewn products manufacturing. Previous topics include: microfactories, on-demand manufacturing, software connectivity, industry 4.0, robotics, and automation.

But we promise that you won’t have to sit through an eight-hour sales pitch. In 2019, we decided to switch things up a bit and organized our speakers into panels tasked with addressing specific issues facing the sewn products industry and the role technology plays in each. Each panel reserved an hour specifically to answer questions from audience members about their unique issues. (Although, one thing we’ve learned is that most of the issues manufacturers deal with aren’t actually that unique, which is why talking about them in a room full of your peers is so beneficial.)

The Advancements Conference is meant for sewn products manufacturers – speakers will touch on fashion, apparel, automotive, interior design, furniture upholstery, technical textiles, and more – brands, retailers, suppliers, government officials, and anyone interested in learning more about the latest and greatest innovation in the sewn products industry and what is yet to come.

The 2020 Advancements Conference has been postponed due to the impact of COVID-19. We hope to reschedule the event for later in the year and will provide an update as soon as possible.

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Archived presentations below are available for viewing and downloading.

Title Presented By
Digitalization of the sewing industry – Who will take the leadership? Mariano Amezcua, DAP America
The Internet of Sewn Products & Industry 4.0 Kirby Best, PAAT International
2019-Advancements-Conference-Yoram-Burg-EFI-Optitex Yoram Burg, EFI Optitex
Automation in the Age of Disruption!! Mike Fralix, [TC]2
Advancing Automation Rick Frye, Brother International
A Global Perspective Frank Henderson, Henderson Sewing Machine
Personalization & Customization. Tailoring something to an individual Toni Lublin, Lectra
A little girl, a phone, and a little magic Roberto Mangual, Exenta
Microfactory Equals Customized Speed & Efficiency Leonard Marano, Gerber Technology
Technology That Shapes Ideas Michael Rabin, Morgan Tecnica