SPESA Member News: Consew Announces Commitment to Assist with Efforts to Produce Face Masks and Other PPEs

Consew, a leading manufacturer of industrial sewing machines for heavy industrial use, announces its commitment to assist with efforts in transforming manufacturing plants to produce face masks and other PPE (personal protective equipment) products.

Consew is fully committed to this effort and is accepting orders for various types of industrial sewing machines and attachments which can produce these products in a minimal time with little training.

Most of the PPE made by individuals and small companies are produced with standard single needle sewing machines. These are inexpensive and easy to train. To produce a little faster, a user can opt for an automatic type machine which is not much more of an investment. Some users, who are sewing heavier material have chosen our standard and automatic type walking feet machines. Other equipment being used are overlock machines and various types of manual cutting machines. At Consew, we are making everything easy, we can even help those needing patterns with the resources to find them free. The goal here is to produce all the PPE products quickly and help medical providers and individuals stay safe. Whether you want to produce face masks, uniforms, mops, covers or anything helping to prevent the spread of Covid-19, quality made, industrial sewing machines are essential.

For information, please visit www.consew.com or call us at 212.741.7788.