Monday Member Spotlight: Alvanon

For this month’s member spotlight, we are recognizing Alvanon! Alvanon's story is one of endurance and evolution. Its founder was a garment manufacturer who failed at selling apparel online. So, he began looking at other ways he could “fit” in to the industry. He created mannequins based on real human anatomy and an understanding of pattern making and garment production.

Today, Alvanon also uses a 3D platform to accurately represent a brand's fit standards and prevent unnecessary material waste and added cost. Alvanon helps the world’s leading brands, designers, and retailers ensure their products achieve the best possible fit and sizing strategies. Alvanon's goal is not only to make clothes fit better, but to empower brands with efficiency, inclusivity, and sustainability.

We are proud to have Alvanon as a SPESA member!

Learn more about Alvanon.