Monday Member Spotlight: Productive Solutions

Happy Monday Everyone! Today's Monday Member Spotlight company is Productive Solutions LLC.

Productive Solutions is an industry-focused consulting and services firm committed to providing innovative business strategies, market research/analyses, actionable advice, and measurable results in the areas of management consulting, marketing, business development, and advanced technology.

The company was founded in 2003 by Rick Ludolph and is based in Marietta, Georgia. (Click here to read our recent Q&A with Rick in Behind the Seams.)

As Rick explains: "We have done everything related to sewn products, covering everything from concept to the consumer. In recent years, we have focused much of our efforts on helping clients with growth strategies, business performance, and digital transformation. During the pandemic, we have been doing a lot of market research and business development work with clients to identify and seize new business opportunities. The push to everything digital is also significant for us."

The company's team of consultants and subject matter experts leverages deep industry experience to deliver highly specific and relevant solutions for an international client base of apparel, fashion, industrial sewn products, consumer goods, and related industries.

Thank you Productive Solutions for your service to the sewn products industry and for being a SPESA member!

Learn more about Productive Solutions.