Monday Member Spotlight: Dunlap Sunbrand International

It's that time again! Our final Member Spotlight nominee of 2020 is Dunlap Sunbrand International, Inc. (DSI). DSI is a worldwide distribution company with offices throughout the Western Hemisphere providing sewing, cutting, pressing and finishing equipment, parts, needles and supplies.

Jack Dunlap and his wife Donna founded Dunlap Sales in 1968, selling needles and zippers out of their home. Today, the business is still in the family, but has grown exponentially with offices in two U.S. states and six international locations.

In 2002, Dunlap Sales acquired WG Apparel, Inc., forming DSI and increasing the company’s sales coverage. The business is run today just as it was in 1968, with honesty, integrity, and mutual respect among customers and suppliers, serving the sewn products industry through timely distribution of equipment, parts, supplies, and services.

Since its founding, DSI has added several major product lines to its sales offerings including Juki, Union Special, Mitsubishi, Brother, Pegasus, Pfaff, AMF Reece, Eastman and many others. You can read about DSI's latest venture with Efka of America in Behind the Seams.

Thank you Dunlap Sunbrand International for your continued membership and your outstanding contribution to the sewn products industry!

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