Monday Member Spotlight: Eton Systems

For our first Monday Member Spotlight of 2021, we are featuring Eton Systems AB, a leading Swedish company producing intelligent overhead conveyor systems that give customers a space-efficient solution with improved productivity, real-time data sharing, and sequencing opportunity.

They say necessity is the mother of invention. Eton Systems was founded 1967, an offshoot of shirt manufacturer Eton Fashion. Co-owner Inge Davidson needed a product conveyor system that didn’t waste valuable factory floor space or require major modification to existing machines.

Today, Eton's material handling systems consist of individually addressable product carriers automatically finding the way to the correct operation. They're designed to eliminate manual transportation and minimize handling, increasing time for adding value to your products instead.

Eton Systems has offices & agents across the globe, with a U.S. subsidiary based in Georgia. Eton's new Sales Director for North & South America, Tapio Martti, is focusing on growing Eton's business in the apparel, home textiles, and other industrial sectors. In last week's Behind the Seams, Martti shared an update on the company's OPTA System.

Learn more about Eton Systems.