Monday Member Spotlight: MACPI

Happy Monday Everyone! It's time for another Monday Member Spotlight!

From the dream of two youngsters to the world stage, MACPI GROUP is one of the most successful global companies in the production of machinery for the apparel industry.

MACPI was established in Italy in 1961 to offer professional pressing machines and industrial laundry machinery, as well as stitch-free technologies for clothing and accessories and machines to assist with logistics and distribution throughout the world.

Today, MACPI serves 10,000+ customers in 100+ countries. The company is proudly built on a foundation of ethics, sustainability, and technological development.

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to watch a video highlighting one of the company's latest innovations: the MACPI 534 Tunnel Finisher. This technology was designed for Industry 4.0 and makes it possible to automate the finishing of garments before they enter stores.

Thank you to MACPI for your service to the sewn products industry!

Learn more about MACPI GROUP.