Monday Member Spotlight: Magnal Solutions

Our December spotlight goes to one of our newer members: Magnal Solutions. The Canadian-based software specialist and industrial engineering consulting service provider focuses on Shop Floor Control (SFC) and piecework payroll for the garment industry. Magnal's software provides real time production monitoring and data collection on the factory floor, allowing manufacturers to make better decisions, increase productivity, reduce costs, and increase competitiveness. Its robust and reliable piecework incentive system generates gross payroll with accuracy, from cutting to shipping, in all factory environments. It also provides real transparency as part of a corporate social responsibility compliance program. To complement the implementation of the SFC software, Magnal also provides specialized industrial engineering services.

A few weeks ago, Magnal unveiled its new garment measurement system featuring patented Measurefix™ laser technology. The new system can increase accuracy, eliminate the need for manual data entry (thus reducing risk of errors), reduce inspection cost, and speed up the entire process. Click here to watch a video of Measurefix™ in action.

Learn more about Magnal Solutions.