Monday Member Spotlight: PAAT

This month, we are featuring SPESA member Purchase Activated Apparel Technology (PAAT), a global technology startup that addresses the technological inefficiencies that affect the fashion & apparel industry. From virtual design solutions and CAD, to production and manufacturing equipment, PAAT's automated network drives increased profitability and gives participants increased control over their data.

Along with its sister company OnPoint Manufacturing, PAAT is working toward creating a global organization of manufacturers and technology providers that will receive orders from a centralized point.

As companies across the globe look to transition to PPE production, OnPoint seems to have figured it out with remarkable speed. Chairman Kirby Best attributes the company's success to its factory model, which utilizes technology to automate and integrate nearly every aspect of the manufacturing process from order entry to delivery.

Read more about PAAT and OnPoint’s ongoing efforts to support front-line workers and those most at risk from COVID-19.

Learn more about PAAT.