Monday Member Spotlight: Shimmy Technologies

This month, in honor of its fifth anniversary, we are recognizing SPESA member Shimmy Technologies, Inc.!

Shimmy is a women-owned Industry 4.0 company preparing the apparel industry for the future of work by developing upskilling and reskilling applications.

The Shimmy team has over 100 years combined experience in apparel design and manufacturing and over 50 years experience in software design and development for designers and manufacturers. They speak five languages and work in three countries, helping the world's leading companies optimize work between humans and machines with innovative, thoughtfully designed technology.

In a recent update, Shimmy Founder & CEO Sarah Krasley shared: "As we celebrate turning five, we've just upskilled our 533rd female garment worker — many of them from places like Bangladesh, and many of whom can't read or write well, or even at all. Women in the fashion supply chain face a particularly tough road in that world, especially given the fact that they don't have many female role models for running the complex machines that are becoming the norm in factories today."

Read more in Behind the Seams.

The company recently launched an app called Herald, which uses mobile games to get North American workers excited about sewn product manufacturing and circularity jobs, in anticipation of a wave of reshoring and closed-loop products.

Thank you Shimmy for being a SPESA member! We look forward to seeing what you do next!

Learn more about Shimmy Technologies.