Monday Member Spotlight: YKK USA

Our 1st SPESA member spotlight of the summer goes out to YKK USA - manufacturer of a wide range of zippers & fasteners produced right here in the good ol' U.S. of A. YKK's products are used in apparel, footwear, personal protective, tactical equipment & medical industries.

In addition to being a leader in product performance & longevity, YKK focuses on the "Cycle of Goodness," a belief that corporate success should always render benefits for others. At the recent Outdoor Retailer summer market in Denver, YKK showcased its latest collection of sustainable products, including the NATULON zipper. Made from recycled water bottles & polyester fiber remnants, the process recycles roughly 3,600 water bottles for every 10,000 zippers produced.

YKK also announced the GreenRise zipper, which uses plant-based plastic. The use of plant-based plastic will reduce fossil fuel consumption and contribute to the prevention of global warming. Innovation & creativity are key components to being a good sewn products industry supplier, and YKK excels in both.

Keep up the good work & thanks for being a SPESA member!

Learn more about YKK.