New SPESA Member: Impactiva

Please join us in welcoming Impactiva as the newest SPESA member! Impactiva offers services focused on quality and efficiency for the footwear and apparel industry, ranging from quality control to sophisticated customized lean transformations. While it has offices in Miami, Dongguan, Chennai, and Taipei, Impactiva is a truly global company with team members in six continents (only missing Antarctica!). Impactiva provides services anywhere in the world. Founded in 2003, the company is comprised of 240 team members with more than 2,000 years of combined industry experience.

As part of Impactiva’s unique business strategy, the company not only identifies issues for companies in need, it fixes the issues right on the shop floor. Impactiva provides its clients with prescriptive analytics and fixes the root cause of problems, thus achieving sustainable solutions. Its Process Optimization programs capitalize on Impactiva’s industrial engineering approach incorporating metrics and analytics to standardize and facilitate the measurement of current situations and improvements after new processes and procedures are implemented. Impactiva has achieved amazing results with its process optimization programs leading to significant improvements of over 69% in quality and 45% in productivity.

Leather inspection is one of Impactiva’s core services. The company has developed its own processes and procedures to standardize it and bring transparency to the supply chain. Major brands trust Impactiva to inspect their leathers in tanneries, anywhere in the world, and this material is then able to go directly to cutting in their shoe factories without the need for re-inspection on arrival.

Impactiva has a strong commitment to ethics and transparency in all aspects of its business. It has long fought a battle against corruption in the inspections industry, responsibly reporting bribery attempts at all levels.

Impactiva is launching a new company called vaēso, which is a SaaS platform aimed at modernizing manufacturing by providing real-time quality and productivity performance data. Vaēso consists of three products: Live (tablet/phone recording real time data at every workstation on the shop floor), Supply (testing, inspection, certification, audits), and Learn (industry specific mobile learning). Vaēso aspires to elevate its industry workers, or “artisans,” by providing them with the education and tools that will allow them to measure and improve their individual performance, resulting in an improvement of the factory as a whole.

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